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PoE Solutions

PoE products have become a critical part of Network Infrastructures and give Administrators the ability to power devices in locations that are difficult or even impossible to run standard electrical lines. EtherWAN's PoE products give an unprecedented level of reliability and flexibility by offering products design for harsh environments as well as a high power output to support even the most demanding PoE powered devices. With unmanaged and managed versions available, supporting and troubleshooting PoE devices has become easier than ever before.

What we offer :
  • Hardened and Industrial PoE switches available for hot, cold, and unventilated environments
  • Power per Port: 15W, 30W and high power 60W PoE options
  • Gigabit PoE Switches and other speeds available
  • Backed by US-Based Complimentary tech support
  • PoE Watchdog to Automatically Reboot Unresponsive Devices (Managed products)
  • PoE Media Converters available to send power and data up to 1200ft