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Network Discovery and IP Configuration Tool
Discover EtherWAN managed devices on the network
Lightweight standalone utility – no installation needed
Easy access to commonly used features such as firmware upgrades and configuration import/export

eLite is a lightweight, standalone application for network discovery, IP configuration, firmware updates, and simple maintenance on EtherWAN managed switches. The user interface is simple and intuitive, offering quick access to the devices on the network. Configurations can be exported and imported from eLite, reducing the need to access the web GUI or CLI for each device. Devices can be accessed via the Ethernet port, eliminating the need for console (serial) connections.

For managing EtherWAN switches with eLite, you can:

  1. Discover devices on the network
  2. Modify device default IP settings
  3. Upgrade firmware
  4. Export/Import configuration
  5. Change device passwords
  6. Reboot devices

With eLite, you can deploy quickly with just a few clicks!

System Requirements

CPUIntel Celeron and above
Hard Disk Space30MB
Operating SystemWindows 10 (32 or 64-bit)

Supported Model List

Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches - Layer 3

SeriesFirmware Version
EG97000 Seriesv3.00.0

Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches - Lite Layer 3

SeriesFirmware Version
EX73900E Seriesv5.00.0.12
EX73900 Seriesv2.02.1
EX75900 Seriesv5.00.0.12
EX77900 Seriesv2.02.1
EX77964 Seriesv2.02.1
EX78900E Seriesv5.00.0.12
EX78900 Seriesv2.02.1
EX78900X Seriesv5.00.3.3
EX73900X Seriesv5.00.3.3

Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches

SeriesFirmware Version
EX27000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0.12
EX29000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX61000A Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0
EX63000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0

Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches

SeriesFirmware Version
EX70900 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX71000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0
EX73000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0
EX75000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX76000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX77000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0.12
EX78000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0
EX78162 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX83000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX83304 Seriesv2.02.2
EX87000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.02.0.12
EX89000 Seriesv1.94.6.3