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Warranty Policy

EtherWAN provides customers with free service within the warranty period after the delivery date. Please refer to the following details regarding warranty service clauses and related regulations.

  1. Warranty:
    EtherWAN grants a limited period of free service starting from the date of delivery, based on product categories:
    Product CategoryWarranty Period
    Hardened and Industrial Product Line:Limited Lifetime Warranty (*1)(*2)(*3)
    Ethernet Switches
    Media Converters
    Ethernet Extenders
    SmartE SeriesThree (3) years
    Commercial Product Line:
    Limited Lifetime Warranty (*1)(*2)(*3)
    Media Converters
    Commercial Product Line:
    Three (3) years
    Ethernet Switches(*2)
    Network Interface Cards
    Industrial Wireless Product Line:
    Three (3) years
    Hardened and Industrial Wireless Devices
    Industrial Smart IoT Edge Computing GatewayTwo (2) years
    IoT LPWA Products
    AccessoriesWarranty Period
    Hardened SFP Fiber TransceiversFive (5) years (*2)
    Non-Hardened SFP Fiber TransceiversThree (3) years (*2)
    Surge Protection DevicesThree (3) years
    DIN-Rail Power SuppliesThree (3) years
    Power AdaptersOne (1) year
    All other products

    (*1) Limited Lifetime warranty
    You must register on EtherWAN.com in order to take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty. Without registration the warranty is 5 years.

    To activate your limited lifetime warranty.
    Please click to register

    (*2) Warranty covers the listed products purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2019.

    (*3) Removable and hot swappable power supplies are only eligible for a 5 year warranty.

    EtherWAN Systems, Inc. warrants to the original End User that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship as of the date of delivery and will conform to the published technical specifications. Warrantied products must have been purchased from an authorized distributor or directly from EtherWAN. The foregoing shall apply only to failures to meet said warranties which appear within the period of time during which the Products are installed in their original installation for the original End User and operator of such Products; provided, however, that in the event of product discontinuance, warranty support is limited to the remainder of the stated warranty or a maximum of Five (5) years from the announcement of discontinuance or end of life in the case of the lifetime warranty. EOL notices will be published on EtherWAN’s website. If EtherWAN receives notice during the warranty period that any Covered Hardware does not conform to its warranty, Customer's sole and exclusive remedy, and EtherWAN’s sole and exclusive liability, shall be for EtherWAN, at its sole option, to either repair or replace the non-conforming Covered Hardware in accordance with this warranty. If a discontinued product is unavailable, and repair of the covered product is not possible, a similar product will be substituted at the EtherWAN's option.

  2. Warranty Service:
    1. If a customer discovers a DOA (Defect-on-Arrival) condition when unpacking an EtherWAN shipment, the returned goods should be sent to the EtherWAN RMA department not more than 60 days after the bar-coded shipping date. It is at the discretion of EtherWAN’s RMA department to confirm if the problems are the result of a defect in the product itself. Afterwards, a replacement will be made as soon as possible.
    2. Returned DOA items must be unscathed in appearance, without alteration, scratches or damaging marks. DOA will not be accepted in case of customer's improper configuration or misuse. Thus, customers will be responsible for a portion of the handling charges if it proves not to be the hardware problem.
    3. For items not in conformity with replacement regulations, please use the regular repair procedure.
    4. EtherWAN reserves the right to repair or replace defective goods.

  3. Exclusions:
    1. EtherWAN will be exempted from the liability for the product warranty under the following conditions:
      • Warranty is expired
      • Illegible, removed, or damaged serial number label.
      • Damage caused by accidents, misuse, improper installation or unauthorized repair
      • Damage caused by natural disasters, such as lightning strikes, floods and earthquakes
      • Additional updating, reworking or testing requested by customers
      • Any upgrading or testing requested by customers after the warranty period
    2. EtherWAN does not guarantee all product combinations can be operated with customers' own selection and configuration. If any related problems occur with an application, please contact EtherWAN’s Technical Support department for assistance through e-mail: [email protected] for the Americas or [email protected] for the rest of the world.

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