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Network Management Software

Deploy and manage EtherWAN devices easily and effectively on your network. eVue and eLite are software applications designed to complement your network deployment by allowing network administrators to easily configure, manage, and maintain EtherWAN managed switches with a few mouse clicks. Network management and device maintenance is easier than ever with eVue and eLite.

What we offer:
  • » eVue - Network Configuration and Monitoring Tool
  • » eLite - Network Discovery and IP Configuration Tool
Setup EnvironmenteVueeLite
Software InstallationInstallation requiredInstallation-free
Network Discovery
IP Range Search across Multi-subnets
Network Topology View
Device Status Monitoring
Events Management & Notification
Access web GUI
Access Telnet/SSH
Change usernames/passwordsChange password only
Modify Default IP address
Upgrade Firmware
Export/Import Configuration
Mobile Apps