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Integrated Enclosures

Our grab-and-go EasyPoE® integrated NEMA 4X enclosures reduce time spent on inventory procurement, assembly, and installations at the job site. Our integrated network enclosures power and connect remote devices, such as surveillance cameras, to your network.

EasyPoE® Integrated Switch Enclosures

EtherWAN’s EasyPoE® integrated switch enclosures come in a variety of form factors and combinations of accessories. Operable in -40 to 167°F, our enclosures are designed to provide reliable connectivity in almost any environment for just about any application you have.

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Types of Integrated Switch Enclosures

Managed Switch Enclosures Providing up to 90W per port, 10 Gigabit SFP Ports, and optional 4G cellular routers, our managed solutions are powerhouse enclosures designed for applications with high bandwidth devices or niche network designs.

Unmanaged Switch Enclosures Providing up to 30W per port and Gigabit SFP ports, our unmanaged switch enclosures are the perfect solution for basic camera connectivity in remote locations such as light poles, warehouses, and more.