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What Is PoE Switch? Where Can You Use It?

What are the differences between a PoE switch and a regular switch?

PoE switches deliver power and data over Ethernet cables, eliminating the need for separate adapters. They support devices like IP cameras, wireless access points, and IoT devices, enabling placement in remote areas without nearby power outlets, a capability that regular switches lack as they can only handle data transmission and require a separate PoE injector for power supply.

Unlike most PoE switches limited to 100m, EtherWAN breaks this limitation without extenders or repeaters, providing a unique extended range capability.  Break the PoE 100 meter limit without the use of extenders or repeaters.



PoE 乙太網路交換器

Benefits of Industrial PoE Switches

PoE Standards

The original PoE standard, known as IEEE 802.3af, enabled the transmission of 15.4 watts of power on a switch's port. Only 12.95 watts is guaranteed to be delivered to each PD as some power dissipates in the cable. Later in 2009, the IEEE 802.3at standard (PoE+) was released, doubling the power per port to 30 watts. Most recently, the new IEEE 802.3bt standard (PoE++) allows for an impressive 90 watts of power, providing better flexibility and performance.

PoE Standard802.3af (Type 1, “PoE”)802.3at (Type 2, “PoE+”)802.3bt (Type 3, “4PPoE++”)802.3bt (Type 4, “4PPoE++”)
Twisted pair cables used2 Pair4 Pair4 Pair4 Pair
Power accessible to PD12.95 Watts25.5 Watts51 Watts71 Watts
PoE source max. power delivered15.40 Watts30.0 Watts60 Watts90 Watts
PoE source min. input voltage44V-57 Volts50V-57 Volts50V-57 Volts52V-57 Volts
Maximum current350 mA600 mA600 mA per pair960 mA per pair

Efficient Technology to Reduce Crime Rates

One PoE lighting application is the chasing away of intruders. When the surveillance system is installed in a place that to be secured, the PoE lighting can work with EtherWAN’s PoE switches to efficiently turn on the lights, startling intruders. According to an investigation by UChicago Urban Labs, effective lighting can result in a 36% reduction in nighttime outdoor crimes, due to the fact that the lighting makes intruders more likely to abandon their targets.

PoE lighting solution

Benefits of EtherWAN's PoE Scheduling

24/7 operation time of a PoE Powered Device can be problematic for several reasons. Supplying power to a device that does not need to be in certain periods wastes energy. Additionally, there may be security risks associated with some devices being “always on” (for example, wireless access points).

- Security Consideration
To prevent wireless access from being available outside of business hours.

- Cost & Energy Efficiency
Automatically turn off devices such as cameras located in areas that are not security sensitive outside of business hour or on weekends.

PoE Scheduling

How PoE Watchdog works

Surveillance systems commonly require full-time operation, and there is no easy way for an administrator to know if a device goes down.

- Security guard (failsafe for critical applications )
Automatically check and reboot Powered Devices when camera does not respond, allowing the administrator to reduce urgency and frequency of troubleshooting.

PoE Watchdog

Industrial 60 Watt PoE Switches

Implementing the latest "4PPoE," standard, these managed switches can deliver up 60 watts of power per port to PoE powered devices. This means they can be used with an even wider range of devices and applications. PoE switches provide greater flexibility and convenience when selecting and installing network devices.

60 Watt PoE Switches

Frequently asked questions on PoE Ethernet Switch

PoE switches are used to send power directly to connected devices on the network. This eliminates the need for traditional electrical wiring. The initial years of PoE focused on enterprise and education applications. However, now there are even PoE devices designed for home automation, including LED lighting, smart doorbells, and voice assistants. 

PoE Ethernet switches are only better when there is a need to deliver power to devices that do not have electrical outlets nearby. In terms of data transmission, PoE switches are functionally the same as non-PoE switches.  

Why do you need PoE?

The most common applications for PoE are VOIP phones, IP security cameras, and wireless access points. Newer applications include PoE devices designed for home automation, including LED lighting, smart doorbells, and voice assistants. 


Yes. If the PoE Ethernet switches does no detect any connected devices requesting power, then it will simply function as a normal Ethernet switch. No special configuration or setting is required for this. 

The consideration you should know : How to select PoE switches

Yes. Power over Ethernet does not disturb normal switch transmission of data. Both PoE and non-PoE devices can connect to the same PoE switch.