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Power over Link (PoL) Ethernet Extenders

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has steadily increased in popularity since its introduction, and its adoption is becoming more widespread. However, one of the drawbacks of PoE is distance. The maximum effective length for UTP cable is 100 meters (328 feet).

Fiber optic cabling, used in conjunction with PoE-enabled media converters, can overcome the distance limitations of copper cable, but there still exist many applications where it is not practical or economically feasible to use fiber.

What is needed is a system that can deliver power and data together over existing (non-UTP) wiring, one that is suitable for long distance connections, and that can eliminate the need to run power cables to the remote site. Rising to the challenge, EtherWAN developed Power over Link (PoL) technology. PoL allows power and data to be transported over a single pair of wires, and even works using traditional phone lines or coaxial cable. PoL can deliver the power needed (up to 30 Watts) to end devices such as IP cameras, controllers and access points, up to a distance of 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles).

EtherWAN currently offers three models of Ethernet Extender that support Power over Link: ED3538

  • Hardened 10/100BASE-TX PoL/PoE Ethernet Extender over Copper Wires
    ED3538 Hardened 10/100BASE-TX PoL/PoE Ethernet Extender over Copper Wires