EOL Notice

Product EoL - EX78900 Series, EX73900 Series

ECN Number: PM20220118
Related Products: Switches
Issue Date: 2022/01/18
Effective Date: 2022/01/18

Dear EtherWAN Client,

EtherWAN will be phasing out the products listed below due to the general lack of availability of components to build units. Limited quantities will be available during the phase-out period and may not be guaranteed. The alternative models listed are newer with improved features and specifications.

Product NameLast Order DateAlternative Product
EX78900 Series

May 31, 2022

EX78900E Series
EX73900 Series

May 31, 2022

EX73900E Series

Availability is limited and is not guaranteed. Please speak with your sales representative for more information.

All standard warranty term apply. Visit www.EtherWAN.com for more details.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sales representative or email [email protected].