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EtherWAN OEM service - No Project is too big or too small for Us

EtherWAN OEM Services

No Project is too Big or too Small for Us

Made in Taiwan Green Commitment In-House Design Team

Why choose us to be your OEM manufacturer?

We have been a trusted Taiwan-based manufacturer of industrial Ethernet connectivity equipment since 1996! With over 27 years of networking competence and 24 years of OEM expertise, we have established ourselves as a highly dependable and credible manufacturing partner. As one of the German Phoenix Contact Group's manufacturing and R&D centers, we offer a diverse array of high-quality products, with a primary focus on industrial Ethernet switches and media converters.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our large-scale in-house design and manufacturing operation in Taiwan, ensuring consistent private-label products and services to preserve your brand’s credibility and identity. We take pride in our sustainable culture practices, complying with EU RoHS regulations and implementing green product policies across our supply chain.

Innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction are founded on our partnership values. As your OEM partner, we are honored to be your dependable and resourceful collaborator, offering tailor-made solutions and exceptional support to meet all your specific rebranding needs.

What OEM services do we provide?

Product Selection

Comprehensive product datasheets, sales kits, product training materials, competitive market analyses, and the latest IC development trend are available to fully support your understanding of product functions & features, specifications, benefits, and up-to-date market trends.

Private-label Customization

Customized device labels, packaging, manuals, product cases, and mylar are provided to align perfectly with your brand identity and unique needs.

Certification Documentation

Certifications are available upon request for your selected items, including but not limited to CE and UL copy reports, to guarantee credibility, safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

On-Time Delivery

Benefit from our efficient production management, assuring a seamless supply chain that eliminates production delay and ensures timely delivery of your orders.

After-Sales Support

Our support is comprehensive, extending from the delivery of the products to providing technical and sales assistance, all to deliver high-quality products and ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products come with a lifetime warranty, giving you confidence in sustainable product quality and exceptional performance.

Complete Your Rebranding Journey in 6 Easy Steps

  • Project initiation

    Performs product selection and specification discussion to determine the appropriate product requirements.

  • Design customization

    Engages in product and packaging designs, along with the approval of parts and customized manuals.

  • Prototype approval

    Conducts functionality and endurance tests on samples and establishes manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Production

    Executes mass production, quality inspections, and works on both the manufacturing process and administrative tasks.

  • After-sales service

    Provides product support and shares comprehensive test reports and sales tools.

  • Shipping

    Offers efficient logistic services facilitated by consigned carriers.

Factory Capability and Capacity

Our factory is located in Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, utilizing a modern facility covering 2,209 square meters. Acknowledging the importance of environmental and safety considerations, our factory consistently upholds optimal temperature, humidity, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) controls. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our shop floor system, guaranteeing accountability across the entire production process. With a true manufacturing process and comprehensive validation under our roof, you can entrust your products to us worry-free - We’ve got your back!

  • 24-7 temperature and humidity monitor
  • Burn-In Chamber - Identifies potential vulnerabilities
  • Ohm-Stat RT-1000 Megohmmeter - Verifies ESD protection
  • XRF and SHIMADZU DEX-LE - Ensures compliance with RoHS regulations
  • Low-Humidity Dry Box - Preserves the sensitive electronic components’ integrity

Product Quality and Reliability

Our persistent commitment to quality seamlessly influences stringent incoming quality control (IQC) protocols, guaranteeing the exclusive use of quality materials, and persists through our in-process quality control (IPQC) until it reaches our final quality control (FQC). All products undergo 100% functional testing to ensure exceptional product quality. We've gone the extra mile to ensure that your products receive the same dedicated treatment as our own – It’s all part of our drive to deliver nothing short of exceptional quality!

  • Nustreams 600i (Packets Generator) - Evaluates the product efficiency
  • EXTECH SE 7440 Safety Analyzer (Hipot Tester) – Verifies dielectric withstand voltage, insulation resistance, and ground continuity
  • Terchy MHK-408LK (Temperature Humidity Test Chamber) - Tests performance in extreme environments

In 2021, we achieved IEC 62443 certification, demonstrating our determination to maintain cybersecurity.

Green Commitment

We are committed to safeguarding human and environmental welfare from hazardous substances and materials. Adhering to this commitment, the Green Product Management System (GPMS) is strictly followed to monitor and decrease the utilization of harmful substances in our supply chain. Compliance with relevant local and international regulations for green products is a priority, including adherence to RoHS, REACH, WEEE and the EU Directive 94/62/EC, which places restrictions on the use of certain heavy metals in packaging. Implementation of a digital quick installation guide, replacement of manuals with CDs, the inclusion of a recycling icon on the packaging, utilization of paper lining and molded pulp, and ensuring constant alignment with updated regulations are all integral parts of our approach.

Our Recommended Networking Products for OEM Success

Our comprehensive selection covers OEM Ethernet switches, OEM PoE switches, and OEM gigabit switches. As a reliable industrial switch manufacturer, we showcase numerous success stories in Intelligent Transportation System Solutions, Electric & Utility Solutions, IP Security Solutions, and Critical Infrastructure Solutions. Discover premier OEM industrial Ethernet solutions to address your industrial networking needs.

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