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OttoE : Industrial Unmanaged 8-port Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switch

EtherWAN's OttoE Series is an industrial unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switching platform, designed for easy deployment in harsh environments with limited space. The OttoE Series is an economical easy-to-use device, which provides essential industrial Ethernet networking functionality.

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3 minute challenge – Set up a secure network with redundant paths

3 minute challenge – Set up a secure network with redundant paths

SmartE Series – A best lite-managed Ethernet solution for small size edge applications -

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Xperience 10G with EtherWAN's EX78900X Series

Xperience 10G with EtherWAN's EX78900X Series

This hardened managed ethernet switch is packed with (12) gigabit PoE ports with 90W power, a 360W power budget and IEEE 802.3bt protocol support. This powerhouse duo of 90W PoE 10-gigabit ports is completely unseen in the market and will revolutionize your network.

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EW50 Series _ Industrial LTE Cellular Gateway with EV Charging

See how the EtherWAN EW50 Series industrial LTE gateway maximizes the stable operation of your charging network and helps you provide services easier than ever before.


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Smart Pole System solutions

Smart poles networks can provide a platform for digital signage systems, video surveillance, and various environmental monitoring & control. The environmental sensors, lighting control, and some enabled AI edge computing will depend on EtherWAN’s AiR PACE IIoT series gateway.


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