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Industrial Ethernet Switches

Are you in need of reliable and durable industrial Ethernet switches? Look no further than EtherWAN. We provide a wide range of options including managed switches, unmanaged switches, PoE switches, and support for the IEEE 1588 standard. Our switches are specifically designed to excel in challenging industrial environments, offering features such as extensive temperature tolerance, resistance to vibrations and shocks, and compliance with stringent safety standards. Discover EtherWAN's extensive portfolio of industrial gigabit switches, which are highly adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of any business.

What type of Ethernet switch do I need?

The network infrastructure and number of users determine the number of switch ports needed. Common numbers of ports on network switches are 4, 8, 16, 24, and 48.
Industrial Unmanaged network switches allow for easy network expansion with no special configuration or knowledge needed. Industrial Layer 2 managed switches have additional features such as VLAN support, PoE controls, traffic analysis, and multicast support. For static and dynamic routing, including IP and VLAN communication, a Layer 3 network switch should be considered.

Industrial PoE switches reduces the need for expensive electrical wiring for separately powering devices to meet the demands of most common business scenario, and simplifies installation of such devices. Required bandwidth will determine whether a 10G, Gigabit, or 10/100 switch is needed. Fast Ethernet and 10/100 switches are cost-effective, but multi-gigabit and Industrial gigabit switches provide better scalability.

Discover EtherWAN's Industrial Ethernet Switches

In industrial environments where temperature fluctuations and intense vibrations are commonplace, reliability is paramount. EtherWAN's purpose-built industrial Ethernet switches excel in these demanding conditions, withstanding extreme temperatures and operating seamlessly in both hot and cold environments. Whether you need managed switches or unmanaged switches, EtherWAN has you covered. Our hardened industrial Ethernet switch family includes both industrial managed switches and industrial unmanaged switches, offering features such as PoE support, gigabit ports, SFP slots, and variable voltage options.

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Industrial Ethernet Switch Manufacturers

EtherWAN is dedicated to the innovation of industrial-grade Ethernet equipment. With experienced software and hardware teams, solid verification capability, and high-quality technical consulting, we offer a broad portfolio of products with outstanding technical support and certifications to meet both your information and operational technology needs. Designs produced are in-house and manufactured in Taiwan to guarantee maximum quality.