Network Configuration and Monitoring Tool
Web-based central management of your EtherWAN network
Network topology discovery and visualization of physical connections
Automated firmware upgrade scheduling
Perform bulk configuration deployment for multi-devices

Web-based graphical user interface

Works with any modern browser without the need for a plug-in

Automated network discovery and topology visualization

Device configuration via SNMP, Web, Telnet, and SSH

Simplified and rapid IP address assignment to devices

Event handling via polling and SNMP traps

Notifications sent-out via email, SNMP trap, SMS, and push notifications via eVue Mobile app

eVue is network management software for EtherWAN's managed devices, designed to simplify network configuration. It provides the ability to discover EtherWAN devices on a network and display an intuitive, visual representation of the network topology. Plus, it allows system administrators to monitor network status, manage and perform bulk configuration deployment, schedule firmware upgrade, and more. eVue gives you up to the minute information on critical network systems with the user-defined event notifications. Faster and easier switch deployment and management means eVue will save you serious time, effort, and money.

EtherWAN — "When Connectivity is Crucial."

Automated Network Discovery

  • Discovers EtherWAN devices on the network
  • Topology visualization lets you see your entire network
  • Discover devices across multiple subnets

Event Management & Notification

  • Notifications based on multiple events (Node Up/Node Down, Service Up/Service Down, SNMP traps, etc.)
  • Tiered event severity levels (Critical, Major, Warning, Indeterminate, Normal, and Cleared)
  • Easily set up notification alarms and alerts through SMS, email, SNMP trap
  • Event recording with export capability

Network Configuration

  • Rapidly allocate IP addresses, subnets, and default gateways to multiple devices on one screen
  • Change configurations for multiple devices simultaneously
  • Command line interface for easy remote access to devices
  • Fast deployment with efficient backup and restoration of device configurations
  • Multi-device firmware upgrade capability
  • Schedule firmware upgrades to minimize the impact of downtime

Availability Monitoring

  • Quickly detect and display Panel LED, VLAN and PoE configuration status
  • Group devices by configurable categories for easy management

eVue Server

CPUIntel i5 2.5GHz and above
RAM4GB and above
Hard Disk1TB, 7200 RPM, SATA-3Gb/s or higher
Operating SystemWindows 7 (64-Bit), Windows 10 (64-Bit)
BrowserInternet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome v64 or later, Firefox v58 or later, Safari 11.11.1 or later

Supported EtherWAN Devices (Model No. / Firmware Version)

Ethernet SwitchesFirmware Version
EG97000 Seriesv3.00.0
EG99000 Seriesv3.04.4.1
EX89000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX87000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.00.0
EX83304 Seriesv2.02.7.1
EX83000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX78900X Seriesv5.00.3.3
EX78900E Seriesv5.00.2.1
EX78900 Seriesv2.02.1
EX78000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.01.0
EX77964 Seriesv2.02.1
EX77900 Seriesv2.02.1
EX77000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.00.0
EX76000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX75900 Seriesv5.00.2.1
EX75000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX73900E Seriesv5.00.2.1
EX73900 Seriesv2.02.1
EX73000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.01.0
EX71000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.01.0
EX70900 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX63000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.01.0
EX61000A Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.01.0
EX29000 Seriesv1.94.6.3
EX27000 Seriesv1.94.6.3 or v4.01.0
(Only sold in U.S. and Canada)
EX26262F Series*v6.54.2570
SmartE Series*v3.0
WirelessFirmware Version
EW200 Series*
(not sold in U.S. and Canada)
EW50 Series*
(not sold in U.S. and Canada)
Ethernet ExtenderFirmware Version
ED3575*v1.94.3.13 or v4.02.1.3

* Status monitoring only and limited function support.
Note: eVue supports the listed firmware versions and higher.

Gain broader monitoring of your industrial network

Efficient network management is more important than ever. Manage all of your EtherWAN devices with an eVue license, with full functionality. Contact us to discuss your project today.

Step 1.
Make your account secure and safe based on eVue designed security settings

Step 2.
Simplify network management

Step 3.
Visual network monitoring

Step 4.
Efficient event management

Step 5.
Flexible alerting on critical issues