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EtherWAN offers a variety of network and product-focused classes, accessible both online and in-person. Our courses offer personalized, industry-specific material for real world applications, so you can easily take what you've learned into the field.


Our ITS-focused, in-person training courses are taught by certified Network Engineers, and offer material tailored toward your application and skill-level. Learn about ITS best practices and train employees with live demos, engaging presentations, and hands-on access to cabling and switches.


  • Intro to ITS Networking - Beginner
  • Applied ITS Networking - Intermediate
  • Securing Your ITS Network - Intermediate
  • Setup, Troubleshooting and Administering Networks - Advanced


Interested in learning how EtherWAN can help you secure and manage your ITS and Security networks? Our on-site theory classes offer in-depth coverage of topics such as network design best practices, PoE Watchdog and EtherWAN's Power over Link™ Technology.


  • 4 Hour ITS Theory Training
  • 2 Hour Security Theory Training


EtherWAN Academy
Our newly developed learning platform offers 14 courses (with more on the way!) that help you gain industry knowledge through instructional videos, slideshows and retention quizzes. Kickstart your training with EtherWAN Academy!

YouTube Training
Visit us on YouTube for easy-to-access, step-by-step tutorials on your most common networking questions and concerns. With a full library of videos ranging from network demonstrations to technical support solutions, our channel delivers the training you want - on demand.


With hands-on access to mock traffic intersections, stoplights, TMC and more, the Customer Experience Lab in Anaheim, CA is our latest investment in showcasing network tech and expertise for ITS, IP Security and Water/Wastewater. From Gridsmart cameras and CloudParc management software to hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of real-life products, this is a resource to learn what your network could look like.

Are you and your team ready to learn? Let us know.