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EX17044A, EX17016A and EX17242L

Dear Valued EtherWAN Customers,
EtherWAN announces the end of life for the following products:

Product Name Last Buy Date Last Shipment Date Replacement
EX17044A 10th May 2017 10th Nov 2017 EX17008A AT version
EX17016A 10th May 2017 10th Nov 2017 EX17162A AT version
EX17242L 10th May 2017 10th Nov 2017 EX17242 AT version

For customers decided not to follow the migration, we will still provide you with the service to support your decision. However it might be limited due to the discontinuity.
Should you have any questions, please contact your EtherWAN sales representatives or email us at [email protected] We will be happy to assist your migration plans.