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Water Treatment Plants Depend on EtherWAN to Stay Running Year-round


With urban development and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, urban sewage emissions are increasing year by year. As a result of this increased figure, the pollution created by urban environments has substantially increased as well. Based on this demand, extra sewage treatment plants were actively built around urban environments to manage and reduce the extra pollution caused by the increasing development of urban environments. As well as assisting the development and governance of the city in achieving a healthy green environment.


Due to rapid urbanization and industrialization cause serious environmental pollution every year, the Improvement of the sewage and quality deterioration is critical. Improving the sewage treatment system is an urgent need to address this situation. A variety of processes are employed for wastewater treatment, because all of the waste water, without exception, different composition and concentration, and advanced technology to remove nitrogen and phosphorus are necessary.


The case is to establish one of the processes which “Aeration Basins” are used in a process referred to as activated sludge. Activated sludge is a biological process, oxygen is injected into the water and provide aeration. Microorganism or" wrong "is suspended in the wastewater from the Pu gas. mixture is called "mixed liquor. "These vulnerabilities waste is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. Mixture discharged into the final clarification addresses these micro-organisms, and then returned to the aeration basin. The quality water for output process is concerned. The information of liquid status is needed to be analyzed and corresponding with the gate operation. Regards to fine operating of the water automation system, the smooth data transition is critical from one to the other.


The gate is operating according to the sense of water quality and gas analysis information. EX71000 Series has been setup to connect the master management system forming an α-Ring with EX73000 Series and EX71000 Series. α-Ring creates the redundant data connection to prevent data loss or any other link down circumstance. As well as, more power sources ate planed to reduce the downtime for the systems. The Ethernet link connection has be designed according to full stability and reliability consideration. The din-rail design perfect meets the current installation gear where the sensors detector around the aeration basin. With harsh environment operation, Etherwan guarantees and provides the Hardened devices for application quality assurance.


EtherWAN has provided fiber optical Ethernet solutions to assist each functional deployment, as well as enhancing the quality of monitoring and control for various types of systems, especially in harsh environments. EtherWAN Ethernet solutions are specifically designed for sewage treatment and tap water supply data processing system, where data completeness and correctness are ensured and achieved. Redundant solutions ensure that non-stop operation in application-critical environments, bringing crystal-clear water and finest service to the citizens.

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