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Water Treatment Plants Depend on EtherWAN to Stay Running Year-round

The role of sewage treatment plants

The challenges created by rising urban sewage discharge have led to a significant rise in pollution levels in urban environments. To solve these concerns, the construction of additional sewage treatment plants has become necessary to regulate and reduce the negative effects of urban development. These water treatment plants are critical in promoting a healthy and sustainable urban environment.

Urgent need for enhanced sewage treatment

It is a well-known fact that rapid urbanization and industrialization contribute to the worsening of environmental pollution each year. Thus, the urgent improvement of sewage treatment systems is critical to one’s quality of life. Wastewater is not the same and can vary in composition and concentration. Different methods are being used to treat wastewater, including the utilization of advanced technology to eliminate nitrogen and phosphorus contents.

When data transmission is crucial

This case focuses on the utilization of “Aeration Basins” in the activated sludge process for wastewater treatment. Activated sludge is a biological wastewater treatment process that oxidizes wastewater to produce a waste sludge, containing the oxidized material. Microorganisms are suspended in the wastewater from the PU gas, and the mixture is called "mixed liquor”. These vulnerabilities cause waste to decompose into carbon dioxide and water. The mixture will go through its final clarification process before it returns to the aeration basin. The water quality is significant to the output process. It means the water status needs to be analyzed and should correspond with the gate operation. For the water automation system to operate efficiently, it is crucial to ensure a smooth data transition between processes.

How EtherWAN enhances monitoring system’s reliability

The gate is operating based on the water quality and gas analysis information. EX71000 series can be connected to the master management system, forming a ring with EX73000 Series and EX71000 series. A ring creates a redundant data connection to prevent data loss or network disconnection issues and prepare for more power sources to help reduce system downtime. It means that the connected Ethernet devices are designed to prioritize connection stability and reliability.

The DIN-rail perfectly fits the installation gears where sensors are located around the aeration basin. With harsh environment operation, Etherwan guarantees and provides hardened devices for application quality assurance.

Seamless and optimized wastewater system operations

EtherWAN offers fiber optic Ethernet solutions that assist functional deployments for monitoring and control quality enhancement of various systems, especially in harsh environments. EtherWAN Ethernet solutions are tailored for sewage treatment and water supply data processing systems to guarantee data accuracy. Power redundancy ensures non-stop operations, resulting in high-quality water and top-notch service to each household.

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