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Industry-certified Ethernet Products for Railway Applications

Taipei, Taiwan — July 27, 2010 —
EtherWAN's hardened-grade products meet the reliability requirements for railway applications that compliant to EN50155 and EN50121-4 standards, including Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, and Ethernet Extenders. EtherWAN's products for railway indoor and outdoor installations have the ability to withstand Electromagnetic Interference Compatibility (EMC), shock, vibration, temperature fluctuations, humidity, and power supply variations for industrial communications in traction rolling stock, mainline vehicle, urban transit and rail networks.

EN50155 hardened-grade Ethernet Extenders ED3344 offers full-duplex up to 100Mbps communications link over existing coaxial cable. The built-in M12 Ethernet port can stand up to the continued vibrations, rain, and dust found in trains. The ED3344 provides wide operating temperature range, -40 to 75 degree Celsius, to handle any temperature fluctuations. It is the best long-distance Ethernet connectivity alternative when regular CAT-5 cable and fiber are not feasible to install yet data transmission bandwidth is a must. "We are proud to announce that our products meet all requiring criteria for the railway standards that will ensure product credibility to system integrators for their project-based equipment biddings," Ben Chiang said, Product Manager at EtherWAN.

To meet the harsh performance requirement of complex train communication systems, EtherWAN's EN50121-4 Ethernet switch, EX71000, emphasizes Gigabit Ethernet feature. The managed hardened-grade switch features 2 Gigabit ports that provide the real-time video and voice communications bandwidth required for security appliances. "Our mission is to support the trains, power distribution, signal control, and passenger service for outdoor railway applications," Louis Chen, Product Manger, Ethernet Switch, at EtherWAN. With the extended temperature range of -40 to 75 degree Celsius, it is designed to handle any temperature range along the transit. It comes with "α-ring" features that provide excellent redundancy with recovery time less than 15 illiseconds.

EtherWAN indeed provides a higher level of reliability on railway applications.

EN50121-4 products from EtherWAN include ER58000, EX27000, EX29000, EX47000, EX61000A, EX71000, EX83000, EX87000, EX89000, ED3341, ED3344 and EL1141.

About EtherWAN

EtherWAN Systems, founded in 1996 in Irvine CA, has become a leader in Ethernet connectivity for applications in various markets including interaction traffic monitoring & surveillance, transportation, utility, oil & mining, factory automation, etc. EtherWAN specializes in designing and manufacturing fiber optic Ethernet products and Ethernet equipment for harsh environments. The available products are hardened Ethernet over VDSL equipments, hardened media converters from serial/Ethernet to fiber or wireless, PoE switches, IEC61850 based hardened Ethernet equipments for power distribution and substation applications, EN50121-4 & EN50155 based products for railway and train networking applications, and those for UL1604 based hazardous locations. EtherWAN's US headquarters are located in California USA with Pacific Rim headquarters and manufacturing facility in Taipei,Taiwan. With engineering expertise at both sides of the Pacific Ocean and its own production lines in Taiwan, EtherWAN continues to serve the markets with most advanced Ethernet gears at very affordable prices.