What is PoE lighting and how can EtherWAN help?


High Power 90W PoE Switches with High-speed 10 Gigabit Communication for Increasing Power & Bandwidth Demands in Industrial Field Applications

IP cameras are becoming higher resolution, while the number of devices connected to networks is growing exponentially. Especially in critical Infrastructure, with an increased volume of data and the emergence of more connected devices, now is a crucial time to ensure that existing networks can meet the demands of the future. 10G offers the speed and bandwidth that can support industrial networks for years to come.
EtherWAN Systems Inc.'s latest product, the EX78900X series, features next generation PoE and ultra-fast speeds that allow for a wide range of devices to be powered by and connected to the network. The EX78900X series is a hardened, managed PoE switch that supports the latest IEEE 802.3bt PoE protocol, with 12 PoE ports each providing up to 90 watts of power, as well as four 10-gigabit uplink ports...more


What is PoE lighting and how can EtherWAN help?

Smart PoE lighting systems are an emerging technology that benefit greatly from the latest PoE standard. These systems allow a large number of lights to be powered, monitored, and controlled through Ethernet cables and switches. They are easier and more economical than traditional lighting, and are an important part of smart building infrastructure.

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Application example – Next Generation 10-Gigabit, 90W PoE Switch, Built for Urban & Building Infrastructure and Security Networks

EtherWAN’s EX78900X Series keeps your network ahead of the curve with 10G ports and 90 Watts of power per port. Furthermore, it provides reliable, long-term connection under harsh environmental conditions.

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