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Case Studies

Modernizing Highway Surveillance Network System

Middle East’s Pursuit of Reliable Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring systems have long remained the central pillar of traffic management, and undoubtedly, the Middle East is no stranger to this trend. With unwavering dedication, government bodies and system integrators have relentlessly pursued achieving an enhanced vision for road safety. To this end, not only have they integrated higher bandwidth capabilities to facilitate seamless data transmission and bolstered power to accommodate PoE devices, but they have also placed paramount importance on implementing dependable network redundancy mechanisms. These measures collectively work in harmony to forge a cutting-edge and robust traffic monitoring infrastructure, laying the foundation for a safer and more efficient road network in the region.


Complex Challenges in Desert Landscapes

Highway construction in desert landscapes presents multiple challenges, demanding rapid equipment installation and upgrades while ensuring future adaptability. Therefore, choosing reliable equipment and planning extensible topology in harsh environments are critical for system providers.


Implementing a network with a popular and standard protocol for network redundancy is a practical approach for large highway construction, but how can a network be implemented that meets the above requirements?


Maximizing Network and Device Power

The EX78900E is a Lite-Layer 3 PoE hardened full-gigabit managed Ethernet switches that prove invaluable in demanding environments. One of its key features is its support for IEEE 802.3bt PoE Class 6, delivering 60 Watts of power per port. The high-power capacity enables the switches to connect multiple high-powered devices, making it an ideal fit for complex and harsh networking environments, such as PTZ 4K resolution cameras.


The EX78900E series comes equipped with standard redundancy protocols and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). It allows seamless integration into existing network topologies, substantially enhancing network availability and reliability.


Seamless Results with the Right Solutions

It’s crucial to consider compatibility and reliability when upgrading an ITS network. EtherWAN's Ethernet switches adhere to the highest industrial standards, ensuring optimal functionality, durability, and convenience. You can effectively handle compatibility concerns during PoE upgrades and simplify the backup network creation process, eliminating unnecessary hassle.


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