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  • 60W PoE Switch EX78602

    60W PoE Switch EX78602

    Related Product: EX78900

    The Ultra PoE ports provide up to 60W/port with a total power budget of 180W, making the switch truly versatile for connecting with PoE Powered Devices (PD)..

    EX78900 Product Details

  • Power over Link

    The new generation of Ethernet Extenders runs Ethernet on copper wire much longer distance than ever. Most importantly, it provides POWER over the link.

    What is Power over Link™ (PoL)?

  • Power over Link Demonstration

    Power over Link demonstration with a 200-meter phone wire and EtherWAN's ED3538 Industrial Ethernet Extender, to deliver both power and data up to 1.2 kilometers away.
    What is Power over Link™ (PoL)? ED3538T/R Has It!
    PoL (Power over Link) Teaser Trailer on EtherWAN
    Award: 22nd Annual Taiwan Excellence Awards

  • Introduction to EtherWAN's Media Converter

    During the migration from analog to digital, networking becomes a challenge for most security system solution providers. It should be your competitive advantage instead of an entry barrier when migrating into IP solutions. EtherWAN is here to solve your networking problems, providing a smooth transition for you.

  • EtherWAN's Media Converters

    Your fiber optic infrastructure is a power tool and big investment. Why take the risk? Don't risk it to a weak link. Let's make it better.