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EOL Notice

Product EOL-EL9000, EN301, EN400, EX38000 and EX47000

ECN Number: PM20210408
Related Products: Ethernet switches, Network interface cards and media converter.
Issue Date: 2021/04/30
Effective Date: 2021/04/30

Dear EtherWAN Client,

EtherWAN has decided to strategically announce the end-of-life for the following series of products

Product NameLast OrderLast ShipmentSuccessor
EL9000July 30th 2021January 30th 2022EL8000
EN301July 30th 2021January 30th 2022GE3100
EN400July 30th 2021January 30th 2022GE3100
EX38000July 30th 2021January 30th 2022EX48000
EX47000July 30th 2021January 30th 2022EX42008 / EX42900

Availability is limited and is not guaranteed. Please speak with your sales representative for more information.

All standard warranty term apply. Visit www.EtherWAN.com more details.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sales representative or email [email protected] for North America or [email protected] for the rest of the world