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China’s Enhanced Wind Power Monitoring Solution

China’s Renewable Pursuits

Wind power generates electricity without emitting greenhouse gases during its operation and is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly methods of producing energy. This renewable energy source harnesses freely available wind, making it highly sustainable, and it boasts comparatively lower maintenance costs when contrasted with alternative energy sources. China, in its pursuit of enhancing renewable energy utilization and diversifying electricity generation, is actively seeking solutions to amplify its reliance on wind power.

To fulfill this objective, EtherWAN's networking systems have already been implemented in the Northwest region of China. Their foremost energy priority revolves around the development of offshore wind power projects, aligning with its ambitious energy targets. Currently, wind power contributes to a mere 1% of their total electricity generation. Leveraging its extensive coastline, China's government is strategically advancing wind power initiatives across eleven coastal provinces, including the establishment of large-scale offshore wind farms. Notably, the China Meteorological Administration estimates an offshore wind power potential exceeding 750 GW, significantly surpassing the 253 GW potential of land-based wind power.

Converting Wind into Useful Energy

Wind power describes the process by which wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. As the wind rotates the blades linked to a generator, it transforms into mechanical force that is subsequently converted into electrical energy. To establish connections between the wind turbines to a wind tower control box, dependable networking devices are crucial for wind power systems.

Power Supply Complexities

Given the extensive scope of wind farms, establishing effective communication between wind turbines and the control center is a pivotal concern. Utilizing robust networking devices designed for extended-distance transmission is of utmost significance. In the context of wind farms, a cluster of wind turbines collaboratively generates electricity for the utility grid. This power is subsequently routed through transmission and distribution lines to a control room situated hundreds of miles away. An inherent limitation of wind power stems from the intermittent nature of wind patterns. This intermittency poses challenges to maintaining a consistent energy supply throughout the year. This underscores the critical importance of the "smart grid," which enhances the efficient utilization of wind power resources.

Choosing the Right Networking Solution

Installed within the wind turbine tower's control box, EtherWAN's unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches from the EX42000 series play a pivotal role. This control box encompasses essential components such as a PLC, Serial Device Server, and EtherWAN's EX42000 Ethernet switch, effectively facilitating the conversion of copper Ethernet to fiber optic transmission. The lower section of the wind turbine tower employs EtherWAN's managed hardened Ethernet switches from the EX71000 series. These switches are meticulously engineered to deliver network redundancy through EtherWAN's α-ring technology, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission. Notably, the EX71000 series enables long-range fiber transmission for expansive wind farm networks that extend over considerable distances, reaching even control rooms located hundreds of miles away.

Diagram: Wind Farm’s remote monitoring control

Expanding Wind Energy Access

EtherWAN has effectively implemented wind generation systems in China. EtherWAN's switches facilitate the utilization of fiber optic and α-ring technology, accompanied by sophisticated network management capabilities, to establish an economical and uninterrupted network for wind farm systems. Our commitment to innovation endures, as we persist in discovering novel approaches to enhance the accessibility of renewable energy.

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