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EX78900G Series - Hardened L2/L3 managed PoE Ethernet switches

EX78900G Series

90W Power, 2.5X Speed, and Uninterrupted ERPS Performance — All In One Compact Solution

EX78900 EX78900

2.5G uplinks for network extension

Scalability in tri-speed 100/1000/2500 SFP ports

High-power 90W PoE & 480W power budget

Compact design

Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) for Uninterrupted Performance and Swift Recovery

ERPS in networking provides a cost-effective solution to enhance network redundancy and uptime during a network link or node failure. Essentially, if a network node fails, the network traffic can quickly and seamlessly be rerouted to maintain network connectivity. ERPS is ideal for critical workloads where even a few seconds of downtime can have significant consequences. It seamlessly integrates network rings without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

  • Prevents network loops and broadcast storms within the ring topology.
  • Provides network recovery within 50 milliseconds, minimizing packet loss caused by link failure.
  • ERPS-capable devices from different manufacturers can seamlessly communicate within a ring.

SFP 2.5G Speed and Tri-Speed Range Redefine Network Connectivity

Up to 2.5G Uplink

Boost network speed seamlessly without altering existing infrastructure, catering to the heightened demands of 2.5G devices. A cost-effective alternative to 10G connections, ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications.

Tri-Speed Range

Tri-speed ports (100M, 1G, 2.5G) offer versatile connectivity, enabling devices to run at different speeds over existing connections. Effortlessly scale network capacity for expanding bandwidth needs.

Rev Up IIoT With 90W PoE + 480W Power Budget

Your power-intensive PDs for bus stations, digital signage, PTZ cameras, and LED lighting applications can now be connected all at the same time without thinking about power constraints.

  • Reduced installation and wiring costs over a single Ethernet cable
  • Supports a broader range of high-powered PDs
  • More efficient and versatile power delivery
  • Plug your multiple high-powered PDs simultaneously
  • Easy deployment with flexible control over PoE power allocation and management

Ergonomic Front Panel Design

Providing intuitive access to ports and featuring streamlined cable management, this design optimizes functionality and convenience. Not only does it simplify wiring installation and maintenance, but it also addresses challenges in space-limited cabinets. Effortlessly ensuring easy port location and management, it delivers a seamless and efficient user experience.


8-port GbE
8-port supports PoE++
90W PoE per port
4-port 100/1G/2.5G SFP


8-port GbE
8-port supports PoE++
90W PoE per port
2-port 100/1G/2.5G SFP


8-port GbE
4-port supports PoE++
90W PoE per port
2-port 100/1G/2.5G SFP
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Note: The maximum power budget depends on the maximum operating temperature.