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Detection, Notification and Prevention

Ben Chiang

Head of Industrial Ethernet Product Marketing

An ideal industrial communication device must provide reliable connections under the required environmental conditions for as long as possible. In some cases, a requirement of 10 or even 30 years non-stop operation is typical, such as is critical transportation applications. The factors behind this long-term operation are reliability, stability and device operation integrity, and these are EtherWAN’s default values that we promise our partners and customers.

The ambition to continuously provide a better and thoughtful application experience is fundamental to everything we do. In light of this, we would like to share our design philosophy and vision of DNnP.

We accomplish our goals through various methods of software development, hardware development, functional integration, and joint research and development with partners. In this process, we thank our partners for their support and contribution of ideas. They are achievements to be shared, as seen in the following.


PoE technology- Brighten the future

While EtherWAN provides the latest PoE technology, it also provides the most compatible designs, allowing users to enjoy the latest technology while seamlessly connecting, and to experience the flexibility of system design brought by more diverse integrated applications.

EtherWAN provides flexible and pragmatic PoE function designs to empower lighting applications for more possibilities. They also reduce the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of cabling, while lowering power and system maintenance requirements. More application scenarios are under development.


EtherWAN solutions with CAST Lighting

The new IEEE 802.3bt standard specifies more benefits compared to previous versions, and also provides safe powering method from 30 watts up to 90 watts. The increasing of the power capacity shows the many opportunities for the end device manufacturers, with more application scenarios becoming possible in the future. EtherWAN provides a full range of the PoE technologies that make it easier to complete your missions.


DnA Solution- Intrusion detection & overheating protection


wānana PdM solution

wānana PdM solution analyses & processes input data records leveraging Machine Learning (ML) techniques. This helps in detecting any anomalous equipment behavior and thereby predicting the possible failure based on data insights.

► More wānana PdM solution information

Framework of Creating Values Together

The framework of DNnP (Detection Notification and Prevention) will continues to deliver the value of EtherWAN solutions.

Value is created by the transcending the limitations of understanding, while also pursuing the desire for simplicity, simple and environmentally friendly solutions. Practical solutions require not only deeper participation and sincere commitment, but also a passion for innovative ideas and exploration. This is our blueprint for solutions and value.