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Cities That Value Digital Innovation Are Increasingly Turning to EtherWAN

Pioneering Digital Innovations

The 843-square-mile County of Douglas, Colorado, stands as a digital innovation leader, a distinction further validated by prestigious awards. In 2018, the county triumphed over 3,000 counterparts to secure the County Government-to-Citizen Experience Award from the Center for Digital Government.

At the heart of Douglas County's mission lies a simple yet profound principle: "Quality of life is the most important outcome of our work." Every decision undertaken must pass the litmus test of improving Douglas County, a commitment that propels the county into the ranks of the top 10% of the most technologically innovative counties in the nation. Their initiatives not only conserve tax dollars but also enhance transparency, cybersecurity, and civic engagement.

The County’s Blueprint Success

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of its citizens, Douglas County embarked on a quest that led them to discover EtherWAN Systems. This expansive county, driven by the need for a robust technological infrastructure that operates seamlessly in the background, faced the imperative of upgrading the hardened switches within its traffic network. Recognizing the significance of a steadfast partner equipped with rock-solid products, the county sought a solution to keep pace with the relentless demands of bandwidth usage. Their evolution involved the deployment of fiber alongside IP-addressable devices.

Given the County's exposure to potential weather extremes, ranging from bone-chilling lows of -38 degrees to scorching highs of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, the implementation of a hardened solution became paramount. It was during an engineering conference that the county's technology team crossed paths with EtherWAN Systems, sparking a conversation about features, capabilities, and support. Impressed by what they learned, the County's technical team decided to embark on a proof of concept (POC) utilizing EtherWAN's modular hardened switch series, the EX89000 series. The success of this POC laid the foundation for the County's extensive integration of EtherWAN products throughout its network. Remarkably, nearly eight years later, the county proudly attests to the enduring strength and reliability of the hardened EtherWAN products.

Partnering for Excellence

"We're extremely satisfied with EtherWAN, particularly the EX89000 series, and their exceptional support," said Donald Fritz Moore, Signal Electronics Specialist for the County. He continued, "It's proven to be a perfect solution for our specific needs. The products seamlessly integrate into our traffic cabinets, and EtherWAN offers a clear upgrade path as our network progresses toward achieving full Gigabit speeds across its entirety."

As Douglas County continues to pioneer technology advancements, EtherWAN remains committed to offering unwavering support every step of the way.

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