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The Automobile Industry – the strictest of all industries in terms of details

Impact of monitoring and control systems

Due to the global pandemic, vehicle deliveries worldwide have been delayed due to a lack of chips. However, even as companies rush to make deliveries, they still must abide by the highest standards and accuracy in minor details.

One well-known car brand in Japan has selected EtherWAN's OttoE series as a key helper to monitor and to control the vehicle production flow. The winning points of the OttoE are not only its compact size, but also QoS with support for EtherNet/IP & Profinet. It allows administrators the flexibility to prioritize which data is delivered based on set preferences. As we like to say, this switch is so convenient, yet anything but ordinary!

Overcome business continuity risks

Japanese car companies are renowned for their innovation and excellence in the automotive industry, with global leaders like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda headquartered in the country. However, the car industry has faced significant disruptions due to the global pandemic and chip shortage, resulting in production and delivery delays worldwide. With governments worldwide introducing regulations and incentives to promote the use of sustainable vehicles, car companies are also under pressure to invest in alternative technologies and redesign their production processes.

To overcome these challenges, Japanese car companies are embracing innovative solutions like EtherWAN's OttoE series, which uses advanced technologies like EtherNet/IP and Profinet to help automakers monitor and control their production processes more effectively. The compact size of the OttoE series makes it a perfect solution for crowded production environments while ensuring that even the minutest details are up to the highest standards.

By leveraging these solutions, Japanese car companies can adapt to changing market demands and produce sustainable, high-quality vehicles that cater to customer needs worldwide.

EtherWAN's 10-centimeter Solution

The OttoE switches from EtherWAN are renowned for their advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technology, which efficiently prioritizes packets and prevents buffer overflows, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted network communication. The compact size of the OttoE series, with a height of only 100mm and a slim, palm-sized, IP40-compliant metal housing, makes it ideal for crowded production environments. The switch's wide working temperature range of -10~60°C and 12-48 VDC working voltage further enhances its suitability for critical environments.

In addition, the inclusive relay output is also a valuable feature that triggers an immediate alarm in case of power failure, making it a highly dependable option for essential networks. The dual-rate 100/1000 Mbps SFP ports offer maximum versatility in a range of applications, providing additional reliability and flexibility to the network.

Success hinges on reliable network transmission

In conclusion, the automotive industry is facing multifaceted challenges beyond just production and technology. However, investing in reliable network transmission is crucial for the industry to overcome these challenges effectively. Advanced communication networks allow efficient data transfer, real-time monitoring and control, and predictive maintenance that can improve production processes and minimize downtime.

Moreover, reliable network transmission can support the adoption of sustainable practices and the growth of innovative technologies, such as electric and autonomous vehicles. Therefore, prioritizing investments in reliable network transmission can help the automotive industry overcome production challenges, cut costs, and boost overall efficiency.

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