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EtherWAN Launched New Hardened Ethernet Extenders with PoE and Ring Redundancy

Taipei, Taiwan — January 20, 2011 —
Continued the Ethernet connectivity product development, EtherWAN launched a new series of Ethernet Extenders integrated with 802.3at PoE and managed switch functionalities. This new product release includes the ED3142, ED3145, ED3146 and ED3175.

The new multi-function-in-one Ethernet Extender series, as other existing Ethernet Extender models from EtherWAN, offers pointto-point Ethernet solutions that allow extending distance for data transmission and remote sites communication without changing existing cables; they work with the current infrastructure of telephone lines reaching 85Mbps @ 200meters or up to 1.9km @ 1Mbps.

EtherWAN has revolutionized the Ethernet Extender solution. The new ED3142 and ED3146 series provide up to four RJ45 ports with maximum two PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, each with 30W, and one VDSL extender port. It offers ideal solution for PoE applications on the varies PoE equipments such as PoE/PD Wireless Access Points, PoE/PD VoIP Phone and PoE/PD cameras to ensure all equipments are protected and operating properly when connecting to Ethernet. The ED3145, integrated with a 4-port unmanaged Ethernet switch, is also available for applications required Ethernet extension over telephone lines without PoE demand.

The new ED3142 and ED3146 series are compliant with IEEE802.3at standard and support power input from 24VDC to 48VDC. "While most of the Ethernet Switches only allow 48VDC power input. We want to offer flexible power device options so that users do not need to spend extra cost on power connections." said Louis Chen, Product Manager at EtherWAN.

The new ED3175 series, eight 10/100BASE-TX plus two VDSL ports, is equivalent to full Layer 2 Management Ethernet Switch with α-ring topology support for data redundancy network. The ED3175 provides all-in-one functionality for users to choose either Managed Switch or Ethernet Extender lineups. All new Ethernet Extender models are compatible with EtherWAN's first generation including ED3101, ED3141 and ED3171. The new design combines the ideology of trendy PoE connection and network dundancy.

To keep the same hardened design mindset, the new ED3142, ED3145, ED3146 and ED3175 can be all operated from -40 to 75 degrees Celsius extreme environments. That gives more alternatives of long-distance Ethernet solutions in harsh conditions when fiber optical cannot be applied.

EtherWAN's leadership in Ethernet connectivity brings new levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness solutions for any harsh environment. EtherWAN has shown a strong emphasis on innovation, and will continue to thrive in the industry.

About EtherWAN

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of network connectivity products specifically designed for harsh and demanding environments. Founded in 1996, EtherWAN specializes in the design and manufacture of Ethernet switches, media converters, Ethernet extenders and Power over Ethernet products for applications where connectivity is crucial. With a core focus on sustained connectivity in extreme environments, product reliability and quality are top priority. EtherWAN's product development, engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance processes are structured to push the limits of stated specifications, resulting in products that surpass expectations.

The company's Pacific Rim headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Taipei, Taiwan. Leveraging marketing and engineering expertise on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, EtherWAN's world class production lines deliver products of the highest quality and comprehensive professional support.

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