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EX35080 and EX35081

Dear Valued EtherWAN Customers,
EtherWAN announces the end of life for the following products:

Product Name Last Buy Last Shipment Successor
EX35080 12th Mar 2015 12th Sept 2015 EX32908 Series
EX35081 12th Mar 2015 12th Sept 2015 EX32917 Series

Because main chipsets of EX35080 and EX35081 will be end of life, EX35080 and EX35081 will be end of life. The successor is EX32908 and EX32917 which are already release stage for customers. EtherWAN encourages you to begin migration plans with EX32908 and EX32917 series soon.
Other than mechanical measurement and appearance remain unchanged, the EX32908 and EX32917 Series feature more than the EX35080 and EX35081 model. All includes:

  • Supports IEEE802.3az EEE(Energy Efficient Ethernet)
  • Supports IEEE802.1p QoS with two priority queues
  • Supports Jumbo Frame up to 9720 bytes
  • Alarms for power failure and port failure by relay output that fully support normal close and normal open
  • Slim type housing design

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact please contact your EtherWAN sales representative or e-mail to [email protected] ; [email protected]