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Engineering Change Notice - EL100, EL200, EL2211, EL2315, EM1000X, and ED3501

ECN Number: PM20220617
Related Products: EL100, EL200, EL2211, EL2315, EM1000X, and ED3501
Issue Date: 2022/06/17
Effective Date: Running Change in Q3/Q4 2022

Dear Valued EtherWAN Customers,

To actively cooperate with the implementation of the green policy, EtherWAN has decided to replace the existing PE (polyethylene) protective packaging with paper protective packaging. Thorough environmental tests have been conducted, such as free fall test, before this decision was made. We sincerely hope that you can understand and accept this upcoming revision. We currently still have existing PE (polyethylene) protection packaging in stock, so the transition will be a running change.

Existing PE (polyethylene) protective packaging
Revised paper protective packaging

ECN: EL100/EL200

ECN: EL100/EL200 NEW

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sale representative or email [email protected] for North America or [email protected] for the rest of the world.