Ultra-fast 10 Gigabit Speeds Enable the Numerous Possibilities of Long-term Networking – EX73900X Series



High Bandwidth

Up to four 10 Gigabit SFP+ uplinks available in DIN-rail form factor

Hardened Design

Strict testing criteria for high impact, thermal shock, and electrical noise resistance

Lite Layer 3 Management

Seamless redundancy for uninterrupted data transfer

Detect and Alert

Local risk prevention & response design [more]

Why do you need 10G?

In industrial fields, with an increased hunger for data and the emergence of more connected devices on the edge, cameras are getting higher resolution, Wi-Fi access points are faster, connected device use cases are expanding, and networks are growing exponentially. There has never been a more crucial time to ensure that your network can meet the demands of the future. With EtherWAN’s EX73900X Series, the 10-gigabit speeds ensure that data-intensive applications are handled perfectly.

As devices on the edge become more data-intensive, more bandwidth is needed. It’s time to move to 10G!



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