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How EtherWAN strengthens IoT and OT security and operation convenience



How EtherWAN strengthens IoT and OT security and operation convenience

From the end of 2020 to 2022, there have been many changes that began as direct responses to COVID-19. We have seen lots of ongoing adoption of IIoT advancements as more and more industries start tapping into digital transformation.

Manufacturing is inherently on-site dependent. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic showed, remote data accessibility in manufacturing is necessary and possible—and it’s going to continue. Shortage of operators on site became a serious problem that is not quickly solved. The IIoT with wireless connectivity (4G LTE/5G) helps on connection between machines, equipment, and applications to allow easy remote monitoring and support for specific critical operations.... more

Highly-reliable network connection

Reliable 4G LTE connectivity with device operation in -40 up to 75°C

Built-in Microsoft security technology

Built-in Microsoft Azure Sphere Security solution

Friendly 30W PoE for connecting PoE device

Connect camera for video streaming

Support RESTful API

Support RESTful API Easy to acquire data or remote configure settings


The results of our collaboration with EtherWAN on security technology will help customers safeguard a wide range of connected devices in both IoT and IIoT applications. EtherWAN has demonstrated it has the experience, technological know-how, and manufacturing resources to maximize the many advantages of Azure Sphere and its defense-in-depth security.

Lakecia Gunter, VP and GM, Microsoft IoT Global Partner Solutions

See how EtherWAN products have been used in different market applications. Not just hardened products that meet current needs, but an ideal solution for present and future expansion.

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