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Economic Solutions for PLC Connections in Substations



Economic Solutions for PLC Connections in Substations

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in substations plays a key role in equipment control and sensor acquisition. Many important devices or Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) are connected through a PLC then linked to SCADA.... more

The Challenge

An increasing number of advanced controllers and sensors with AI functions will be implemented into the substation in order to improve safety. Modern PLCs are equipped with at least one gigabit Ethernet port for faster I/O refresh rates and enhanced device communication. Upgrading existing network equipment was required for the new PLC installations.
It is a challenge to select best-fit managed switches for new PLC connections in a substation. PLCs are usually installed inside an outdoor cabinet, requiring that Ethernet switches be able to withstand wide temperature changes.
Most Ethernet switches certified by IEC 61850-3 for substation applications are costly. Additionally, many certified switches are equipped with many functions or features that would not be used in this application. Overkill solutions are a bad idea for this kind of project.

EtherWAN solution

EtherWAN's EX73900E Series is the most economic solution for PLC connections. It is IEC 61850-3 certified, and can be used in any substation networks. Lite-layer 3 managed features provide the ideal managed functions for the local area network application. EtherWAN’s proprietary Alpha-Ring protocol delivers more stability for network redundancy. In harsh environments, the IP40 rating ensures switches are not damaged from negligence or accidents.
Embracing AI and automation for the upgrade of the substation, the EX73922E was chosen by our partner for the PLC system upgrading and extension.


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