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Data Protection at EtherWAN Systems

EtherWAN value customers,

We are delighted that you are interested in our company, products, and services and would like to provide you with some key information regarding our approach to protecting your personal data. Protecting personal data is crucial, particularly in tomorrow's Internet-based business models and when developing Internet-based economies. According to the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018. This e-mail requires your attention and action even if you are not based in the European Economic Area.

As a global company, EtherWAN Data Protection Policy is being updated to reflect new legal requirements of the GDPR, which strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding personal data relating to them and seeks to unify data protection laws across Europe, regardless of where that data is processed.

You can count on the fact that EtherWAN is committed to GDPR compliance across all customer services by providing robust privacy and security protections built into our services and contracts over the years. The following declaration offers you an overview of how we intend to protect your data.

Use and circulation of personal data
Any personal data, which you provide us with via our website or among other channels (e.g., your name, your address or your e-mail address), will solely be used for correspondence with you and is exclusively collected, processed, and saved for the purpose you intended when sub-mitting the data. In addition, we will use this data to send you occasional offers and to in-form you about new products, services, and other items that might be of interest to you. You may revoke your consent regarding the use of your personal data by simply contacting us at [email protected].

Should you have any questions that have not been addressed by this data protection statement or you require more detailed information regarding a specific point, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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