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Law Enforcement Technology for Societal Security

Northern Taiwan’s Technology Adoption Impact

Police departments worldwide widely adopt law enforcement technology for societal protection. The smart city in northern Taiwan has been developed over the last two decades with more than 10,800 surveillance cameras and 500km of fiber-optic cable across 3,000 intersections. The system supports license plate recognition, car tracking, and deep learning for route tracking. The surveillance system has helped the city to resolve more than 8,300 traffic accident disputes and more than 2,200 criminal cases just in a year (2018).


Moreover, surveillance systems play a crucial role in pandemic management and addressing other societal challenges. Taking cues from a successful northern city, an eastern city in Taiwan is now embracing digital applications to bolster societal security.


Transition Challenges

The city constructions have improved over the last two decades. Network adoption must now support a seamless transition between legacy equipment and new technologies. This involves deploying powered devices, such as full HD and night vision security cameras, fast and gigabit Ethernet using fiber optics, and wireless network connections to transmit video data back to police stations. Collected data must be synchronized between police headquarters and can be centrally stored.


At the same time, the installed network system in intersections must withstand a wide range of temperatures and can store heavy data with minimal downtime during a failure. Lastly, the solution must be certified by EMC standards.


Versatile Solutions for Complex Challenges

EtherWAN implemented the EX73900E and EX78900E series to efficiently solve the presented challenges. The EX73900E model boasts strict EMC certification, meeting the demanding IEC 61850 & NEMA TS2 standards, while the PoE-enabled EX78900E supports the IEEE 802.3bt 60W standard, making it the perfect fit for seamless integration for a wide array of PoE cameras.


Both series come equipped with Lite Layer 3 functionality and boast a remarkable operating temperature range of -45°C to +75°C. These switches offer dual-rate connectivity, supporting fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet, including fiber connections. This adaptability ensures compatibility with legacy and latest technologies, making them versatile choices for a wide project range.


Its built-in DnA (Detect and Alert) capability allows the switches to activate a relay output whenever there's a change in I/O status. This functionality proves invaluable in scenarios where timely alerts are crucial, such as triggering an alert if unauthorized personnel attempt to access a traffic control box.


For environments that demand wireless transmission, the EW200 high-performance LTE gateway with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi support comes to the rescue. This addition enables seamless wireless connectivity when necessary, enhancing the overall versatility and efficiency of EtherWAN's offerings.


Meeting Modern Demands

Building smart cities requires stable, manageable, and flexible networks. EtherWAN exemplifies these core principles, contributing to an improved quality of life. While we may not be the most expensive solution provider, we provide solutions that satisfy modern needs!


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