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EtherWAN Network Infrastructure for Monitoring Systems Used in a Resort

Flexible Real-Time Monitoring

Metropolitan areas are expanding due to rapid population and economic growth, leading to an increased demand for new resorts. Real-time monitoring systems play a crucial role in reviewing, developing, and implementing plans for these new development areas. They enable daily decision-making and action-taking throughout the land development process. As construction commences, a real-time monitoring system supported by Ethernet technology automatically tracks progress. To effectively manage this process, EtherWAN collaborated with solution partners in Asia to create a comprehensive real-time monitoring system tailored for a hillside resort development.

Diverse Surveillance Requirements

In this undeveloped land parcel, devoid of existing infrastructure with limited power sources, the solution primarily relied on wireless data transmission and Power over Ethernet (PoE) networking technologies. Each designated zone featured two to three cameras, all connected to a PoE PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) managed switch. While some zones utilized power-intensive speed dome cameras, others employed standard cameras. To accommodate diverse scenarios, the PoE PSE managed switch had to comply with IEEE802.3af standards and offer high-power support. These various zones were interlinked through the PoE PSE managed switch, forming a ring topology that ensured network redundancy. All captured images were stored on an NVR (Network Video Recorder) directly connected to the PoE PSE switch.

Outdoor Networking Challenges

All network equipment had to be installed outdoors, necessitating a rugged design with specific IP ratings and an extended operating temperature range. In response to space constraints, both the PoE switch and NVR were housed in a compact enclosure, requiring the networking units' sizes to be minimized. Achieving seamless data transmission and delivering high-quality images from wireless devices depended on precise installation, including the selection of suitable antennas and optimal radiation angles, to ensure optimal performance.

Reliable Extended Monitoring Connectivity

At first, the solution was deployed exclusively in a single zone to ensure the wireless data transmission met the required standards. Following a successful one-month field testing period, the solution was extended to other zones. This expansion allowed resort investors to monitor construction progress and access real-time updates whenever needed. This service has since been made accessible to all resort investors.


The solution was initially installed in one zone only, in order to guarantee that the wireless data transmission was satisfactory. After one month of positive results from the field tests, the solution was established in other zones. The resort investors were now able to view the construction progress at anytime and obtain real-time updates. This solution has become a service available to all resort investors.

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