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Creating a Police-connected Smart City to Improve Quality of Life


Technological law enforcement has become broadly and commonly adopted by police departments worldwide to protect people and societies.


A northern city in Taiwan has created a Smart city by implementing surveillance systems over the last two decades. More than 10,800 cameras have been installed with around 500km fiber-optic cable at 3,000 intersections in just one city. Surveillance systems help the police to do their jobs and increase overall living quality. This system supports license plate recognition, car tracking, and even deep learning function for route tracking. Thanks to this surveillance system, the city has settled more than 8,300 traffic accident disputes and solved more than 2,200 criminal cases just in one year (2018).


Surveillance systems also play an important role in COVID-19 prevention. According to Taiwan law, residents returning to Taiwan from other countries shall quarantine at home for 14 days. These systems also help to find those who violate quarantine rules, helping to prevent the spread of the virus.


Surveillance systems can also act as environmental protection tools for society. Sewage disposal has serious regulations that must be followed. Non-stop surveillance systems can help track lawbreakers that dump sewage and emissions into rivers, even at nighttime. This protects people from water and environmental pollution.


Taking a page from this northern city, an eastern city of Taiwan has also recently started to implement digital applications that enhance the security of society.


The Challenge

City construction has improved over the last two decades. Networks need to support both legacy equipment and new technologies. This includes being able to work with standard / full HD / nighttime supported cameras, fast Ethernet / gigabit Ethernet / fiber or even wireless network connection, in order to transmit video data back to branch police stations. Data will be synchronized to police headquarters and centrally stored.


At the same time, the network system must be stabilized as installed in intersections with a wide range of temperatures, and the system is also required to handle heavy data with minimal downtime in the event of link down. The solution must also certified according to strict EMC standards to secure the quality.


EtherWAN solution

To solve these challenges, EtherWAN’s EX73900E & EX78900E are the best solutions for these projects. EX73900E is certified with strict EMC requirements as well as IEC 61850 & NEMA TS2. The PoE model EX78900E supports standard IEEE 802.3bt 60W to integrate with various PoE cameras. Both series support Lite Layer 3 functions and can be operated at -45 ~ +75°C temperature range. Both series support dual-rate (fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet (fiber included)) connections that work with both legacy and newly constructed technology. Additionally, the built-in DnA feature allows the switches to trigger a relay output when an I/O status change is detected. For example, an alert can be triggered when a traffic control box is opened by unauthorized personnel.


Not only offering wired solutions, EtherWAN's EW200 high performance LTE with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi gateway supports wireless transmission when the environment requires it.



Modern and Smart cities are built up through stable, manageable, and flexible networks. EtherWAN has demonstrated the core values that help enhance people's quality of life. We may not be the most high-end or expensive solution provider, but we provide solutions that precisely satisfy modern needs!


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