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  • What is a Hardened Product?

    What is a Hardened Product?

    EtherWAN's purpose-built hardened products are designed to withstand vibration, electromagnetic interference, and temperatures ranging from -40 to 74°C (-40 to 165°F). Products equipped with our hardened specifications allow you to install where you couldn't before, whether this is a poorly-ventilated attic or a traffic cabinet subject to harsh winter conditions.

  • EtherWAN's Industrial LTE Cellular Gateway

    EtherWAN's Industrial LTE Cellular Gateway

    With EtherWAN's wireless technology, you can bridge devices of wildly different type, even when they are located in far-flung locations. This simplifies management and lowers overall maintenance and operation costs.

    Industrial Cellular Gateways Series
    EW200 Series | EW50 Series

  • PD1041 Surge Protector Performance Test

    PD1041 Surge Protector Performance Test

    EtherWAN's PD1041 hardened surge protection device prevents damage to Ethernet equipment by preventing electrical surges from entering through the data ports. Compatible with 10/100BASE-T, gigabit and PoE devices.

    EtherWAN Surge Protector Product Line

  • 60W PoE Switch EX78602

    60W PoE Switch EX78602

    Related Product: EX78900

    The Ultra PoE ports provide up to 60W/port with a total power budget of 180W, making the switch truly versatile for connecting with PoE Powered Devices (PD)..

    EX78900 Product Details

  • Power over Link

    The new generation of Ethernet Extenders runs Ethernet on copper wire much longer distance than ever. Most importantly, it provides POWER over the link.

    What is Power over Link™ (PoL)?