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EtherWAN’s Back-to Back ISO certifications in 2023

Achieving ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 compliance

Let’s celebrate a momentous milestone! Just at the start of the 2nd quarter in 2023, we proudly acquired two coveted certifications: ISO 45001 on February 14, and ISO 27001 on April 14. This monumental accomplishment showcases our unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety, as well as information security management. To become ISO 45001 certified, EtherWAN must build a complete occupational health and safety management system that addresses work-related health and safety risks and issues. While securing ISO 27001 demands creating appropriate information security measures, performing risk assessments, and safeguarding private data.

EtherWAN remains steadfast in promoting a safe work environment, preserving sensitive data, and winning the confidence of its clients and stakeholders. This achievement not only boosts the company's reputation, but it strengthens its competitive edge in the market.

ISO 45001: Certification framework and criteria
EtherWAN has obtained the ISO 45001 certification conducted by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), recognized by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the accreditation body.

ISO 45001 emphasizes the continuous development of occupational health and safety performance that focuses on the prevention of occupational risks and illnesses. It requires the improvement and implementation of a health and safety management system, which includes policies and objectives, risk assessment, regulation systems, training, monitoring, and evaluation. These set standards help organizations in developing a complete occupational health and safety management system, as well as guaranteed compliance and constant enhancement.

Efforts for occupational health & safety excellence
EtherWAN actively establishes a productive working environment that meets the standards of occupational safety and health management system. The company's adoption of ISO 45001 aims not to achieve substantial gains but to continually improve methods and strive for continuous improvement for stakeholders. Their commitment is focused on acknowledging, promoting, and imparting knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety.

At EtherWAN, the utmost importance is placed on the well-being of their staff by providing a healthy and safer workplace, resulting in reduced occupational injuries and an improved working environment for employees. The organization ensures stakeholders that their occupational health and safety management systems comply with regulatory and legal standards.

ISO 27001: Certification framework and criteria
ISO/IEC 27001:2013, also known as ISO 27001, is an international standard governing information security management systems. The certification was conducted by GIC, recognized by International Accreditation Service (IAS).

It offers a framework for companies to establish, implement, maintain, and continuously enhance their information security strategies, encompassing data, electronic documents, customer information, and related resources. The standard prioritizes safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets, with a focus on risk management and reducing associated risks. Developed collaboratively by ISO and IEC, the year 2013 indicates the latest version of the standard, ensuring consistent compliance evaluation.

Efforts for information security excellence
EtherWAN ensures monitoring and evaluation of the ISMS to assess performance. Continuous risk management has been critical in detecting and mitigating emerging threats, and continuous training and awareness initiatives have kept employees informed and engaged in information security procedures. An effective incident response strategy, backed up by frequent testing and documentation, has mitigated the effects of security issues.

ISO 27001 implementation has a significant positive impact on information security, fostering trust among clients, employees, and supply chains through the protection of sensitive information. Obtaining ISO 27001 certification helps EtherWAN comply with information regulations, minimizing legal and compliance risks, and protecting consumer data privacy but also ensures adherence to industry requirements, promoting confidence in internal and external partnerships."

ISO 45001

ISO 27001

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