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EtherWAN Systems Announces the Release of the EX42300 Compact Hardened DIN-Rail PoE Switch

Taipei, Taiwan — December 16, 2014 —
EtherWAN Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of network solutions, releases the EX42300 Series, a hardened-grade, 802.3at Unmanaged PoE switch designed for integration of mission-critical PoE devices in IP security, access control, and intelligent transportation systems.

The EX42300 features FOUR Fast Ethernet PoE copper ports, ONE Gigabit copper port, and ONE 1000BASE-X fiber port. The FOUR compliant PoE/PSE ports provide up to 30W per port with a full 120W power budget for maximizing power delivery to powered devices such as PTZ cameras. TWO Gigabit uplink ports are also available on the EX42300 with copper, fixed fiber or SFP options to provide full non-blocking switching performance to meet the expectations of critical applications such as, wireless AP connections, multicast traffic of machine control messages, or video surveillance systems.

Not only with superior PoE performance, the EX42300’s built-in DC/DC power converter circuit enables 24/48VDC redundant power inputs for industrial applications, plus relay alarm support which notifies the network administrator immediately when port fault occurs.

Additionally, the QoS support carries up to 4 VLAN priority markings, allowing users to direct existing network more efficiently. The EX42300 is also compliant with Energy Efficient Ethernet standard allowing less power consumption during periods of low-data transmission.

According to Esther Chen, product manager of EtherWAN, “More and more HD PoE cameras require higher bandwidth for smooth video transmission, whereas simultaneous uplink and downlink communication in high speed is necessary. The EX45900 and EX42300 Series are designed to meet these demands;” she explains, “In contrast of EtherWAN EX45900’s full Gigabit throughput, the EX42300 is compatible with 10/100M LAN, while 2 Gigabit uplink ports are used for connecting internetwork components such as a Gigabit distribution switch. The EX42300 is also Hardened-grade and ideal to be deployed as an access switch in an outdoor cabinet with limited installation space.”

What's more to -40°C to 75°C extended operating temperature, the EX42300's circuit is specially designed for LAN port protection. The data ports can be fully secured when lightning strike occurs; this protection can be guaranteed no matter the power is given from a non-isolated or isolated power supply unit, keeping the EX42300 robust in harsh environments.

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About EtherWAN

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Hardened Ethernet, PoE, and Fiber connectivity products specifically designed for harsh and demanding environments. Founded in 1996 in Irvine CA, EtherWAN specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, Ethernet Extenders and Power over Ethernet products for applications where connectivity is crucial. With our core focus on Ethernet connectivity for extreme environments with stringent requirements product reliability and quality are top priority. EtherWAN’s product development, engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance processes are structured to push the limits of stated specifications resulting in products that continually exceed expectations. Our goal is to provide quality reliable products for extreme applications, markets, and environments.

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. US headquarters is located in Anaheim, CA USA with Pacific Rim headquarters and manufacturing in Taipei, Taiwan. With sales, marketing and engineering expertise on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and its own production lines in Taiwan, EtherWAN combines the highest quality products with professional support using the most advanced Ethernet technology resulting in systems that just work. – EtherWAN “When Connectivity is Crucial”.

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