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EtherWAN to Attend Taipei's 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo

Leveraging the latest in 5G and edge computing technology, the company is meeting the changing needs of smart cities

EtherWAN to Attend Taipei's 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo


Taipei, Taiwan—March 11th, 2021— EtherWAN Systems Inc., is proud to participate in the 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo, running March 23-26 at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, Taipei. In what is seen as the most comprehensive intelligent solution event in the Asia-Pacific region, EtherWAN will showcase its cutting-edge offerings for smart urban lighting, intelligent transportation, EV charging stations, and more.

As smart cities look to Intelligent Transportation Solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of transportation networks, road intersections are increasingly equipped with a range of connected devices such as sensors, IP cameras, dynamic message signs, and traffic controllers. Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches can deliver power directly to the devices, while relaying video and other data back to a control center. EtherWAN’s EX78900E supports the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard, with a robust 240-watt power budget and the ability to deliver 60 watts (Class 6) of power per port. For added security, the EX78900E has a built-in Detect and Alarm function (DnA) that can detect and send an alarm when the detection mechanism is triggered. In situations where there are many devices needing power and data volume is high, EtherWAN’s EX75900 Lite Layer 3 switch is equipped with four 10 GbE fiber ports for uplink transmission, and 24 PoE ports.

With more and more cities replacing traditional streetlights with smart poles, EtherWAN has moved quickly to meet the wired and wireless data transmission needs of these new systems. Connected outdoor lighting networks can provide a platform for digital signage, video surveillance, and various environmental monitoring & control devices. In addition to providing wireless data transfer, EtherWAN’s AiR PACE 5G IIoT smart gateway also provides real-time data analysis and intelligent processing at the fieldbus edge, enabling novel and smart features such as traffic jam anticipation, accident analysis, and license plate identification. For connecting smart poles directly to a control center via an Ethernet network, EtherWAN’s EX73900E and EX73900X hardened managed GbE/10GbE switches offer Lite Layer 3 routing, as well as the ability to operate in extreme temperatures.

Lite-managed switches play an important role in subway systems, connecting ticket machines that are often comprised of multiple devices such as touchscreen computers, LED displays, credit card readers, bill acceptors, and receipt printer. Some are also equipped with an IP intercom to let commuters contact the staff when a problem arises. EtherWAN’s SmartE managed Ethernet switches offer a key set of Layer 2 management features that are perfect for supporting network connectivity for mass transportation applications, even in extreme environments. Easy to install and set up, the SmartE offers up to 16 Fast Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet ports, and two optional SFP ports for network expansion.

To support green energy electric vehicle charging infrastructure, networking technology will become an essential enabling technology. EtherWAN’s EW50 Industrial Cellular Gateway establishes high-speed stable networking and data transmission channel for charging pile wireless data transmission applications. It can transfer the charging, solar power PV status, payment, and other information to the enterprise back-office for analysis and management. Because it uses wireless networking, the EW50 is less affected by on-site environmental factors, and offers easy and flexible installation.

About EtherWAN

Established in 1996, EtherWAN became a subsidiary of the German Phoenix Contact Group in 2017. EtherWAN has been consistently dedicated to the innovation of industrial-grade Ethernet communication equipment. With experienced software and hardware teams, solid integration verification capability, and high-quality technical consulting, the company has obtained many patents worldwide. Designs produced in-house, combined with manufacturing based in Taiwan, are guaranteed to deliver maximum quality and service. The company's products have been widely used in intelligent transportation systems, security surveillance, energy, critical infrastructure, and factory automation.

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