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Beyond Borders: EtherWAN's Influence in Southeast Asia is Set to Showcase at IIEE’s 3E XPO 2023

Find EtherWAN Systems Inc. at IIEE’s 48th Annual National Convention and 3E XPO 2023! You can join us at booth 429, SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines, from November 27 to December 2, 2023. This highly anticipated national assembly brings together electrical practitioners in the Philippines, creating a space to go through the dynamic challenges and opportunities within the economy and the industry.

Embracing this year's IIEE 3P XPO theme, “IIEE at 48: Moving Forward Collectively As We Pave the Way to the World of Opportunities and Digital Innovations,” underscores a shared commitment with the Philippine government supporting clean energy advocacies and initiatives. In alignment with this vision, EtherWAN stands ready to showcase innovative developments, highlighting its hardened-grade Ethernet switches, high-power PoEs, and media converters crafted for reliable, long-distance network connections. These technologies are crucial in achieving quality sustainable energy through network reliability.

EtherWAN is deeply dedicated to overcoming network challenges and is actively contributing to collective progress within the sustainable energy sector. By positioning itself at the IIEE national convention to establish collaborative relationships, EtherWAN envisions fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices between local and global sectors, furthering the collaborative journey towards a sustainable and innovative future.

About EtherWAN

Established in 1996, EtherWAN became a subsidiary of the German Phoenix Contact Group in 2017. EtherWAN has been consistently dedicated to the innovation of industrial-grade Ethernet communication equipment. With experienced software and hardware teams, solid integration verification capability, and high-quality technical consulting, the company has obtained many patents worldwide. Designs produced in-house, combined with manufacturing based in Taiwan, are guaranteed to deliver maximum quality and service. The company's products have been widely used in intelligent transportation systems, security surveillance, energy, critical infrastructure, and factory automation.

EtherWAN – " When Connectivity is Crucial "

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