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IEEE802.3bt PoE Digital Input Dual-rate SFP

IEEE 802.3bt PoE

Digital Input

Dual-rate SFP

Intelligent PoE 6kV surge protection Space saving

Intelligent PoE

6kV protection

Space saving


The EX78900E series is a hardened DIN-rail mounted managed PoE Ethernet switch equipped with up to 12 gigabit Ultra (60 Watt) PoE ports and 4 dual-rate gigabit SFP ports. The EX78900E series provides flexibility, speed, and reliability for networks in urban infrastructure, transportation, security, and other areas where connectivity is crucial.


  • Max. total 16 ports (12 port Gigabit + 4 port Gigabit SFP)

  • PoE up to IEEE 802.3bt (15.4W/30W/60W)

  • Built-in Detection, Notification and Prevention feature

  • Intelligent PoE features as Watchdog, Scheduling

  • User friendly configuration backup

  • Ideal solution for modern traffic systems, which require large backplane bandwidth capacity

  • 6kV high surge protection at PoE port through STP cabling


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