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EOL Notice

EM1000, EM1000S, EX17908 and EX16916

ECN Number: PM20200407
Related Products: EtherWAN Switches and Media Converters Series
Issue Date: 4/7/2020
Effective Date: 4/10/2020

Dear Valued EtherWAN Customers,
EtherWAN has decided to strategically announce the end-of-life for the following series of products

Product NameLast BuyLast ShipmentSuccessor
EM1000/EM200010th Oct. 202030th Dec. 2020EL2211
EM1000S/EM2000S10th Oct. 202030th Dec. 2020-
EX1790810th Oct. 202030th Dec. 2020-
EX1691610th Oct. 202030th Dec. 2020EX16926

All standard warranty term apply. Visit www.EtherWAN.com more details.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sales representative or email [email protected] for North America or [email protected] for the rest of the world