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Electric & Utility Solutions

The emergence and mainstreaming of renewable energy sources such as solar panel systems and wind energy, along with the trend towards smart grid technology for electric utility terminal servers, substations, and overall infrastructure, have brought industrial Ethernet switches to the forefront in today’s power solutions. The communications networking devices used must adhere to standards such as IEEE 1613, which defines operating conditions for high EMI environments. EtherWAN’s products fully meet the specifications for smart grid interoperability, improving the efficiency of power generation and distribution.

  • 電力、水及天然氣瓦斯配送系統
  • 使用乙太網路做為測量、監視及控制
  • 益網的產品做為風力渦輪機組與控制中心的網路傳輸設備,具有工業等級高規格的可靠度及穩定性。

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Case Studies

When building a modern surveillance system, the selection and setup of cameras, network video recorders (NVR), switches and routers play an important role in building a reliable system that performs as intended. Nowadays, IP (Internet Protocol) networks are increasingly being used and deployed to connect the elements of security and surveillance and access control systems.

Improved Energy Management for Internet Data Centers

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Maximizing Reliability and Ease of Management in a Solar Power Plant

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is accelerating in countries around the world. On a global scale, there are more power...

EtherWAN’s Media Converters Play Essential Role in Nuclear Plant Control System

Electric Power, Water and Gas distribution systems all require communications systems. Communications is critical in measuring, monitoring and...

EtherWAN to Enhance Remote Monitoring and Control on Wind Farms

Wind energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, and is proven to be the least problematic way to generate power. It is an...

Why EtherWAN

To say that EtherWAN places a high priority on product stability and reliability would be an understatement. When it comes to critical networks, we know that data must flow uninterrupted. Our rigorous conformance to industry standards, combined with comprehensive in-house quality assurance systems, ensures maximum performance and lifespan of every product.



使用電話線或同軸電纜線可延伸乙太網路距離,最高可達 2.6 公里,且無須鋪設光纖電纜。


益網科技致力於研發符合產業需要的產品,並通過認證如電力與能源產業所需的 IEC61850 / IEEE1613、鐵道與交通所需的認證 EN50155 / EN50121-4,以及多項 PoE 乙太網路供電相關系列產品。


連續 72 小時 -40 ℃ 至 85 ℃ 溫度下進行測試,以確保在極端環境中仍能維持穩定的資料傳輸。


IGMP Snooping 提供多點傳送的串流網路攝影機連線、資料優先順序控制。


獨特的 Alpha-Ring 技術可提供網路備援恢復時間小於 15 毫秒,多重電源輸入,接點設計提供電源警示功能。


機架安裝、DIN 導軌安裝、壁掛安裝、面板安裝以及桌面裝置。


MAC 位址過濾、 IEEE802.1x PNAC、VLAN、Port mirror。


主控台、網頁管理、 SNMP、Telnet。