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Fast Ethernet Media Converters provide media conversion between 10/100BASE-T(X) and 100BASE-FX Fiber. EtherWAN’s media converters are an economical solution for extending existing networks, the lifespan of non-fiber equipment, and the workable transmission distance between devices.

PoE Media Converters are able to transmit power and data.
UL 60950 Media Converters helps ensure maximum reliability and safety.
  • IEEE802.3at PoE/PSE standard
  • IEC61850-3/IEEE1613 certifications
  • High ESD / surge protection design
  • SC, ST, WDM, LC or MT-RJ connectors
  • Multimode and single mode fiber
  • FX, LX, BX fiber support
  • Advanced Features: Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT), Alarms for power and link failure