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  • SmartE シリーズ

    SmartE シリーズ

    広範囲動作温度対応産業用5~16ポート ファースト/ギガ ビット イーサネットスイッチ
  • Connection Guide

    Connection Guide

    The newest edition of full product lines and compare table.
  • Company Profile


    The newest edition presents vision, main products/technologies and our focus markets.
  • Rediscover Data from The Edge

    Rediscover Data from The Edge

    Maximizing the power of IoT technologies to support the digital transformation of various industrial vertical markets.
  • Intelligent Transportation Solutions worldwide

    Intelligent Transportation Solutions worldwide

    With more than twenty years of accrued technical and industry expertise, EtherWAN is eager to share the company's many real-world successes and application experience in the intelligent transportation field.