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Detect and Alert


Switches can now do so much more than just pass packets! EtherWAN's DnA switches incorporate the ability to receive signals through digital input, which can trigger events through the relay output port. DnA stands for Detect and Alert, and it allows for notification of specified events and even prevention of unwanted situations, eliminating the need for ancillary detection modules. Applicable across a wide range of applications, DnA solutions reduce costs and simplify hardware setups.

Features and Benefits

  • Local Monitoring

    Local Monitoring

    When an unexpected event occurs, the alert will be triggered for warning on site.

  • Trap alert

    Trap Alert

    When SNMP trap occurs, system can send alert via relay output for instant notification.

  • Cost saving

    Cost Saving

    DnA switches can already trigger an alert, eliminating the need for extra warning systems

  • I/O Control

    I/O Control

    No extra I/O controller is required to control different interfaces, the work can be done by just one DnA switch.

  • Notification remotely

    Notification Remotely

    When DnA is triggered, the switch will send timely notification via eVue and eVue Mobile for instant notification.

How it Works

Existing solution

Switches are installed with camera, car plate recognition server, billing system, and I/O controller in the parking lot. When the vehicle is leaving and drives to the gate, the induction coil will trigger a "Billing" checking process by sending a signal to the I/O controller. Then, the gate is opened through the I/O controller.

DnA solution

By eliminating the I/O controller, switches can work with different interfaces with built-in DnA function to achieve the same task, and at the same time eliminate the extra cost.

DnA Models