How do I use the CLI on EtherWAN Managed Switches?


CLI Command Usage

This document describes accessing the EtherWAN Switch by using Telnet, SSH, or serial ports to configure the switch, navigating the Command Line Interface (CLI), typing keyboard shortcuts, and moving between the levels.

Note: For a serial port connection use a standard DB9F to DB9M Modem Cable. The default Serial port parameters are 115200, 8, None, 1, No Flow Control.

Navigating the CLI Hierarchy

The CLI is organized into a hierarchy of command modes. The basic modes are User exec mode, Privileged exec mode, and Global configuration mode. There are also other modes, specific to certain configurations. Each mode has its own group of commands for a specific purpose.

switch_a> ← User exec mode
switch_a# ← Privileged exec mode
switch_a#configure terminal
switch_a(config) ← Global configuration mode
switch_a(config) spanning-tree mst configuration
switch_a(config-mst)# ← MSTP configuration mode

CLI Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + a: place cursor at the beginning of a line
Ctrl + b: backspace one character
Ctrl + d: delete one character
Ctrl + e: place cursor at the end of the line
Ctrl + f: move cursor forward one character
Ctrl + k: delete from the current position to the end of the line
Ctrl + l: redraw the command line
Ctrl + n: display the next line in the history
Ctrl + p: display the previous line in the history
Ctrl + u: delete entire line and place cursor at start of prompt
Ctrl + w: delete one word back