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Engineering Change Notice - ED3575

ECN Number: PM20200219
Related Products: ED3575
Issue Date: February 19, 2020
Effective Date: March 20, 2020

Dear Valued EtherWAN Customers,
In order to meet changing market demands, EtherWAN has revised the ED3575 Series Ethernet Extender. This new revision of the ED3575 Ethernet Extender retains the same dimensions as the previous version, and enhances the transmission rates of asymmetric and symmetric aggregate data balanced on both downstream and upstream via twisted pairs of VDSL connection.

The previous version of ED3575 will be discontinued. EtherWAN encourages you to begin migration plans with this latest revision of the ED3575 series soon. We are ready to assist you with your evaluation of this engineering change and subsequent decision.

Description of changes

  • Front Panel:
  • Asymmetric and symmetric data rate:

    • The comparison above is for reference only using new 24AWG twisted pair wires, the exact data rate may vary depending on different lines' impedance or the user's testing environment.
    • There is no compatibility issue between both version of units’ data exchange and connection.
  • Label & Firmware version: (Added Rev.A, Software version starts from
  • Firmware & Software:
    • The new units (Rev A) are not compatible with older firmware (1.94.xx) Conversely, the new firmware is not compatible with the older revision product.
    • The new units (Rev A) are fully compatible with eVue software utility.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sales representative or e-mail to [email protected]