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EOL Notice

Product Notice - EX83000

PN Number: PM20190621
Related Products: EX83000 Series
Issue Date: 2019/06/21
Effective Date: 2019/06/30

Dear Valued EtherWAN Customers,
In order to provide better integrated consultant service, production availability, consolidated network topology and project services, EtherWAN has allocated the EX83000 model series to specific project supply purpose. You may contact your EtherWAN sales representatives to learn details concerning these products, including inventory and lead-time.

Other than for pre-registered projects, these models will be replaced by the EX83304 series (including EX83304-0VB, EX83204-0VB, and EX83202-0VB). The model types and list is as follows. EtherWAN will continue provide best quality products and reliable services for this series.

Product series supply has been adjusted as per the below two categories, project only and standard product.

Projects Only: Registration review is required. The product lifecycle management of the "Project Only" model will be flexibly managed based on the reported project details and not restricted in accordance with EtherWAN's standard EoL policy.

  • EX83400-00B
  • EX83402-0YB
  • EX83322-XYB
  • EX83200-00B
  • EX83202-0YB
  • EX83240-X0B
  • EX83242-XYB

New added Standard Products

  • EX83304-0VB
  • EX83204-0VB
  • EX83202-0VB

The warranty is valid for all series products within the warranty period. If you need more information to complete your evaluation, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sales representative or e-mail to [email protected]